Steps to configure Weblogic proxy plugin in IIS6.0

To configure weblogic Proxy plugin in IIS6.0 we need to have mainly two dll’s (iisforward.dll & iisproxy.dll) and iisproxy.ini in the same folder. The mentioned dll’s  (iisforward.dll & iisproxy.dll) are available with the weblogic installation folder. My environment details Microsoft windows server 2003(32bit) IIS6.0 Weblogic 10.3.6 In my setup the dll’s was available in the below location for […]

USB Type-C Connector Ready for Production

USB 3.0  Promoter group has released it’s new USB Type-C specification. The USB Type-C specification establishes a new cable and connector scheme tailored to fit mobile device product designs, yet robust enough for laptops and tablets. The USB Type-C specification defines the physical USB Type-C cable and connector form factor along with the functional requirements for […]