JMeter Distributed Testing using AutoMeter

AutoMeter is an automation tool which helps us to create distributed load testing environment. It is developed and released by Intuit to open source world. It includes Jmeter in Docker image. It provides single command to start, stop test. At the end of the run, we get reports in master docker node. It can also […]

How to Transfer/Refer Jmeter Variables from one Thread Group to another Thread Group?

In many situations, we encounter in referring the variables from one thread group to another. Even I found myself every time I end up in searching for the solution. Finally, I have decided to write it here, there are many ways to transfer variables, I preferably choose the following method. 1) Set up Thread Groups […]

How to execute a test continuously for specified duration without bothering no. of times using JMETER?

Scenario: Do you have the following scenario to execute by Jmeter and not able to find the solution? Having HTTP Request / REST Request in a test plan, required to execute the test for 1 hour duration without bothering repetition , and to Find the application robustness and consistency to bear max load? Find no. […]

Apache JMeter HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder

In this tutorial we are planning to explain step by step on how to record HTTP/HTTPS sessions. Setup Instructions Go to JMETER_HOME/bin and start JMETER with jmeterw.cmd and jmeter in linux/unix. Select “Test Plan”, right click on “Test Plan” and add a new thread group: Add > Threads  (Users) > Thread Group. 3.  Select “Thread […]

How to run overnight endurance test consecutively using jmeter

Endurance Test: Performing a long run load test and finding the performance bottleneck of the given server is called Endurance Test. Often in performance testing  testers would face the following 2 scenarios, 1) Running single testplan for more than 8 hours 2) Running Multiple testplans one after another for more than 8 hours or overnight (without […]

How to execute Linux command or shell script from APACHE JMETER

Sometimes it is necessary for the load test to send a linux command to verify the content/file exists in the remote linux server. Every time it is not a fair idea to connect remote server by file server browsers like winscp ,putty etc… as it is a load test. In such situations JMETER offers a […]

Websphere MQ

As per IBM notes “IBM WebSphere MQ can transport any type of data as messages, enabling businesses to build flexible, reusable architectures such as service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments. It works with a broad range of computing platforms, applications, web services and communications protocols for security-rich message delivery. WebSphere MQ provides a communications layer for visibility and […]

Known performance issues in Oracle SOA Products and Oracle AIA Foundation Pack for 11g Release 1 (

These are Known performance issues in Oracle SOA Products and Oracle AIA Foundation Pack for 11g Release 1 ( PermGen Space Out-of-Memory Error when Using the Sun JDK Maximum Heap Memory Size Recommendations on Windows 2008 Server Increasing the XA Transaction Timeout Value Inconsistent States for SOA Composite Application Instances in Recovery Google Chrome Browser […]

Loadtesting Websphere IBM MQ server using JMETER

   About : For Loadtesting Apache Active MQ , JMS-Point-to-Point sampler in Jmeter will help us. Think that you do not have JNDI settings and no apache activemq for JMS messaging, instead IBM Websphere MQ is in place.  One day your manager is coming and asking you to test IBM MQ using open source testing […]