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Great upgrade, great deal – windows 8 upgrade offer (limited)

Great upgrade, great deal – windows 8 upgrade offer (limited)

This offer is valid from October 26, 2012 until January 31, 2013 and is limited to five upgrade licenses per customer. To install Windows 8 Pro, customers must be running Windows XP SP3,Windows Vista, or Windows 7. Pricing varies by region and each independent reseller, and it depends on a variety of specific factors including exchange rate, local taxes, duties, fees, local market conditions, and other pricing considerations.

Please refer to the terms and conditions for windows 8 upgrade offer.

Clicking the below image link will download windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, which lets you know if your PC can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, provides you with a compatibility report, and then walks you through the steps to purchase, download, and install. Run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant to make sure your PC can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro before purchase—you can run it without purchasing. Upgrade Assistant will collect certain information about your potential upgrade experience.



Extending a logical volume in a virtual machine running Red Hat or Cent OS

To extend the logical volume:Note: These steps only apply to EXT3 file systems.

Caution: VMware recommends having a complete backup of the virtual machine prior making these changes.
  1. Power off the virtual machine.
  2. Edit the virtual machine settings and extend the virtual disk size. For more information, see Increasing the size of a virtual disk (1004047). [Vmware Link ]
  3. Power on the virtual machine.
  4. Identify the device name, which is by default /dev/sda, and confirm the new size by running the command:# fdisk -l 

ORA-12162 TNS:net service name is incorrectly specified

This error mainly occurs due to incorrect ORACLE_SID value set.  Make sure you have set the ORACLE_HOME & ORACLE_SID value set properly.

Databases Errors oracle

ORA-01034: ORACLE Not Available

What to do when we get  errors  like ORA-01034: ORACLE not available ORA-27101: shared memory realm does not exist.


The ORA-01034 is  simple error, it means that your database is down!  Oracle oerr utility notes this about the ORA-01034 error:

ORA-01034: ORACLE not available


 Oracle was not started up. Possible causes include the following:

  • The SGA requires more space than was allocated for it.
  • The operating-system variable pointing to the instance is improperly defined.


Refer to accompanying messages for possible causes and correct the problem mentioned in the other messages. If Oracle has been initialized, then on some operating systems, verify that Oracle was linked correctly. See the platform specific Oracle documentation.

You may find that you are experiencing ORA-01034 when attempting to upgrade your Oracle database.ORA-01034 is thrown during the attempt to upgrade because there is an invalid entry in one of the following files:

  1. /etc/oratab
  2. /var/opt/oracle/oratab

The ORA-01034 is a result of a discrepancy between ORACLE_HOME andORACLE_SID

To resolve ORA-01034, be sure that the ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SIDproperly match within the files /etc/oratab or /var/opt/oracle/oratab .



RCU:6107 DB Init Param error

While Installing Repository Creation Utility (RCU) Installation the following error occurs:

RCU:6107 DB Init Param Error

This can be removed simply by the following:

1. Login on your database with system user.

2. Write > show parameters processes (which will show the current value of processes).

3. If its value is less than 500 then write the following command:


4. Write > show parameters open_cursors (which will show the current value of open_cursors).

5. If its value is less than 500 then write the following command:


6. Restart your DB or system.

7. Start the installation now….


Oracle 11G: Starting the DB, listener and the enterprise manager console

Make sure all the necessary environment variables are set, especially the following variables.

And follow the below steps to start, database, listener and enterprise manager(em) console
  • For db startup: 

   $ sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL*Plus: Release – Production on Sun Nov 9 22:52:26 2008
Copyright (c) 1982, 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved.
Connected to an idle instance.

SQL> startup;
ORACLE instance started.
Total System Global Area 1389391872 bytes
Fixed Size 1299848 bytes
Variable Size 838863480 bytes
Database Buffers 536870912 bytes
Redo Buffers 12357632 bytes
Database mounted.
Database opened.

SQL> exit
Disconnected from Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release – Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options

  • Starting listener
    $ lsnrctl start
  • Oracle Enterprise manager start
    $  emctl start dbconsole
Now the enterprise manager server is started and can be accessed using the link on browser : https://hostname:1158/em
Thank u 🙂