94 % of World’s Top 500 Supercomputers runs on linux

Linux tends to dominate as the operating system of choice on the world’s fastest supercomputers. A full 469, or 94 percent, of the top 500 supercomputers now run Linux, according to the Top500 report. Meanwhile, only three of the world’s top supercomputers in this latest report — ranking at No. 132, 165 and 183, respectively — run […]

Amazon Glacier: Cloud Storage For Archives And Backups Launched

Amazon web services (AWS) launched a new service called Amazon Glacier. You can use this service for archiving mission-critical data and backups in a reliable way in an enterprise IT or for personal usage. This service cost as low as $0.01 (one US penny, one one-hundredth of a dollar) per Gigabyte, per month. You can […]

How to add a new hard disk to a Linux operating System?

Once the new harddisk is connected, you can verify the connected harddisk by  issuing the below comment. $fdisk -l see the screenshot below.               As you can see above the second hard disk is detected as “/dev/sdb” Steps for creating a new ext3 partition 1. #fdisk /dev/sdb type “m” […]

Install Subversion with Web Access on Ubuntu

To install subversion, open a terminal and run the following command: sudo apt-get install subversion libapache2-svn We’re going to create the subversion repository in /svn, although you should choose a location that has a good amount of space. sudo svnadmin create /svn Next we’ll need to edit the configuration file for the subversion webdav module. […]