Apple releases ios 7.0.2 to fix lock screen security bug

Apple has released an update for ios7 , just after a week of release of ios7. The latest 7.0.2 patches the bug that would let users bypass the passcode security on the lock screen. This issue was discovered just hours after the ios 7 official release, which gives access to application and userdata. iOS 7.0.2 […]

What’s JSON?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. JSON is built on two structures: A collection of name/value pairs. In various languages, this is realized as an object, record, struct, dictionary, hash table, keyed list, or associative array. An ordered list of values. In most languages, this […]

Most commonly used opensource databases

Almost all developers has his/her own favorite databases, here I’m going have a small insights on the commonly used Opensource databases. Here’s the list of most commonly used Opensource databases MySQL PostgreSQl MongoDB SQLite There are a  lot more databases, here I’m planning have a short intro on the above mentioned databases. MySQL According to […]

Big G added hashtag support to search

As per Zaheed Sabur  updates Google has added a richer hashtag experience to Google Search and this  update is rolling out “within the next few hours” to English language users on and As of now this only works for Google+ contents,  And here’s  how it works.  When you search on Google for a hashtag, say [#AmericasCup] […]

Firefox will be blocking plugins by default in a future version of the browser

As per the latest announcement from Mozilla, In future releases Firefox will be blocking plugins by default.  However, most plugins will be available through a “click to allow” feature, at least for the time being. Flash will still be enabled by default. Read more here,  below is the small snippet from blog.mozilla To give people a […]

Teardown of Apple’s Haswell-based iMacs by iFixit

iFixit has torn down the new Haswell-based iMacs and the company has found in addition to new processors, graphics and Wifi, the updated model have unoccupied PCI Express slots in their base configurations. As per iFixit the 21.5 -inch iMach’s processor is now soldered to the motherboard; while earlier models weren’t all that up-gradable.    

BBM for Android and iPhone Update – Note from the head of BBM

Here’s the update from Andrew Bocking, head of BBM Hi Android and iPhone users, This is Andrew Bocking, head of BBM at BlackBerry. As a follow up to our first blog post on Saturday, I want to take a moment to provide you with an update on the rollout of BBM on Android and iPhone. […]

Apple updates the iMac, adds Haswell processors and 1TB Flash storage

Apple issued a press release that it’s now selling iMacs with upgraded processors. Apple Updates iMac CUPERTINO, California—September 24, 2013—Apple® today updated iMac® with fourth generation Intel quad-core processors, new graphics, next generation Wi-Fi and faster PCIe flash storage options. The updated iMac brings the latest technology to the stunningly thin design and gorgeous display of the […]

Alibaba group acquires Kanbox to expand cloud services

Alibaba group has announced plans to acquire Kanbox to expand it’s product range to consumer cloud services.  Alibaba is one of the major Chinese e-commerce giant. Alibaba is also directly competing with rivals Tencent and Baidu in terms of storage space, as it is offering up to 10TB worth of free cloud storage. Users get up […]

Fedora 20 “Heisenbug” alpha release has arrived

The Fedora 20 “Heisenbug” alpha release has arrived with a preview of the latest fantastic, free and opensource technology. The alpha release can be download from the fedora prerelease website, here’s the link And here’s the fedora 20, Change set URL: The Fedora 20 release continues the Fedora tradition of adopting and integrating […]