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How to run overnight endurance test consecutively using jmeter

Endurance Test:

Performing a long run load test and finding the performance bottleneck of the given server is called Endurance Test.

Often in performance testing  testers would face the following 2 scenarios,

1) Running single testplan for more than 8 hours

2) Running Multiple testplans one after another for more than 8 hours or overnight (without much of manual effort, just click run and go , take the report in the next day morning )

So what is the method of implementing the above 2 scenarios? Here is my suggestion though it depends entirely on your workload model requirement.


To Run a single testplan ,

a) first calculate the hours that your test has to run in milliseconds

b) Add constant timer/uniform random timer to the samplers wherever it is required to pause the run and release it together.

c) Divide the time that you have in milliseconds from step #a , and put it in each timer.

d) Now Run the Test and make your life easy 🙂



Here it comes a simple feature and readily available in our Iron Man, JMETER.

a) Put all your thread groups under single test plan.

b) Right click on Testplan and check ‘Run Thread Groups consecutively’


 Happy testing 🙂 🙂 🙂

7 replies on “How to run overnight endurance test consecutively using jmeter”

using constant timers only we are doing Endurance test..or any other option is there..?
i think in thread group using schedulers it is possible..plz rectify my doubt

i need to run test for 8hrs 2million users, considering 540000 as peak hour.

but i need to run with 8different volumes in 8hrs

ex : if i am working for 8hrs i need each and every hour report separately .how can we do this in jmeter

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