Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 installation & SSL Configuration

1. Download:
2. Extract: gzip -d httpd-NN.tar.gz | cd httpd-NN
3. Configure:
./configure –prefix=PREFIX (PREFIX must be replaced with the filesystem path under which the server should be installed. If PREFIX is not specified, it defaults to /usr/local/apache2.)
Eg: #./configure –prefix=/usr/local/apache2 –with-included-apr –enable-ssl –enable-so
#./configure –with-included-apr –enable-ssl –enable-so
4. Compile: #make
5. Install: #make install
6. Test: PREFIX/bin/apachectl –k start

1. APR and APR-Util: download the latest versions of both APR and APR-Util from unpack them into ./srclib/apr and ./srclib/apr-util (be sure the domain names do not have version numbers; for example, the APR distribution must be under ./srclib/apr/) and use ./configure’s –with-included-apr option.
2. Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions Library (PCRE: This library is required but no longer bundled with httpd. Download the source code from, or install a Port or Package.

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