Local Yum Setup for RHEL

The Yellowdog Updater, Modfied (YUM) is an Open-source command line package-management utility for RPM based Linux systems. YUM allows automatic updates, package and dependency management.

This article helps you in YUM setup in RHEL enviroments

1. Create RPM directory

[email protected]#mkdir /RPMS

2. Copy all the rpm packages from disk to “/RPMS" directory

3. Install createrepo rpm

[email protected]#rpm -ivh createrepo-0.4.11-3.el5.noarch.rpm

4. createrepo

[email protected]# createrepo /RPMS

5. create a local repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d

[email protected]#vi /etc/yum.repos.d/local.repo

& save the below lines

name=RHEL-$releasever - Local

6. Make yum Cache, by executing

[email protected]#yum makecache

Enjoy software updates locally.

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