Load Testing Apache kafka using Kafkameter

You can refer overview of Kafka here . For Installation and configuring Kafka , refer the previous post : Configuring Apache Kafka

Step 1

Go to githup and download kafkameter

Step 2

Follow the Steps for building the kafkameter.jar

Step 3

Place the generated jar in $JMETER_HOME/lib/ext folder

Step 4

Restart jmeter

Step 5

Add Threadgroup->Samplers-> Javarequest

Step 6

Configure Input parameters, like hostname , kafka topic that you created already

Step 7

Run Jmeter test and verify the same message is consumed by Kafka consumer.

Refer the below screenshots



Kafka Parameters


Sending message to Kafka Consumer


Message Consumed


  1. I have worked with this Jmeter jar file (KafkaProducer.Sampler). Using this I was able to publish the message to the Topic but now..

    I am trying to find the Jmeter jar file (for KafkaConsumer), which will help me consume the message from the Topic.
    Is there an existing jar available

    • Suganthi Thangavel

      February 4, 2016 at 2:47 pm

      I am not pretty sure about that it is available in jmeter. I searched for the same and ended up in developing our own.

  2. According to step 7 above, how could I generate another class name to be appeared in the drop down for a Java Request ?

  3. Can anyone please send me the jar file of Kafka at harsh.agarwal3@wipro.com.

  4. Is there a KafkaConsumer Jmeter jar file? I am able to send messages using “KafkaProducer.Sampler”. Please share the kafkaConsumer jar file.

  5. I am not able to find Threadgroup->Samplers-> Javarequest in j meter 2.11 version

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