TOP 15 Reasons why you can use jmeter for performance testing

  Jmeter is an open source tool. There seem to be more cost saving for MQ ,SOAP,FTP protocols when considering other proprietary tools in the market. Customized/Specialized reports are given in proprietary tools to attract the end users. Jmeter has simple reports and it will be helpful to analyse the server logs and get into the root cause of […]

Finding the number of lines of unique string in a file for specific duration- Linux

One day , I gone though a scenario where I have to count the number of lines of error string in a file for specific duration in the linux server using single command. I require it as I will be repeating it for multiple iterations of testing cycle. As I did not have much experience […]

GPerftool2.1 is Released

  “GPerftools” is a profiler which is used by developers to build application with early findings of performance issue such as CPU usage and memory leaks and other performance issues.It is also used by Google. This product is available under BSD licence.This is especially for multi threaded application in C++ with templates. It has CMalloc, […]

Google’s Offline Disk Import under release

    Do you face network slowness and stumbled upon data storage in Google cloud storage? Google releases offline Disk import in limited preview. Currently It is experimental release.Using this feature you can upload data into Google cloud storage inoffline just by sending Google physical Hard Disk. How to import data in offline by sending Google […]

Build your Mobile App with Google Cloud Storage

                When I was at office, Bored with usual work, Just done bit of searching for technews.Happy to see that google offers Google Cloud Storage for storing and accessing your data on Google’s infrastructure, with High performance and security. Do you want to know more… Refer the below […]

Jmeter Problems and Solutions

1) How to handle sessions in Jmeter? Add->Pre-Processors->HTTP URL Re-writting Modifier for the sampler where your session variable is present Then add your variable in session argument name and check chache session id. Please see the Image below: 2) How to customize the user data/ how to run the script for multiple users in Jmeter? […]