How to find RAM utilization for specific JAVA process at run time

How to find RAM utilization for specific JAVA process at run time when application is running with huge load? 1) Open terminal in your Linux server. 2) Set your JAVA_Home. 3) type as jconsole and Enter 4) You can see a new window opening with jconsole, select the process that you want to profile and click on […]

Installing Munin

Prerequisites: apache2 on both server and client side Installation-Munin: Install the munin and munin-node in the server using $sudo apt-get install munin munin-node After installation Munin files will be created in following directories /etc/munin/ /var/www/munin/ /var/log/munin/ /var/run/munin/ /var/lib/munin We have to copy the munin folder from /var/www/munin to /opt/apache2/htdocs/ Now you can see the following […]

Load testing with silkperformer: An overview

Silk Performer: Silk Performer is the industry’s most powerful enterprise class load and stress testing tool. It uses Visual Script.  It is BORLAND , licensed product. Any Load Testing Tool for Web application will be dealing with the following Steps: 1)      Recording the Script 2)      Customize user data 3)      Customizing session 4)      Report Generation Workload […]

Performance testing: Profiling using YJP

What performance problems may arise? a) Application algorithms are usually not optimal, which leads to performance bottlenecks. b) Memory related issues: Memory-related issues can affect an application’s execution speed and stability. c) When Java Virtual Machine cannot allocate an object (because it is out of memory, and no more memory can be freed by the […]

Performance Testing- a basic introduction

Performance testing ensures that there is no performance bottleneck which minimizes product stability, further increasing the customer satisfaction on long run of our product. What are the performance bottlenecks? 1)      Functionality break on the large load of the data 2)      More resource utilization such as RAM, Hard Disk. 3)      Server pauses because of the load […]