Fedora 20 “Heisenbug” alpha release has arrived

The Fedora 20 “Heisenbug” alpha release has arrived with a preview of the latest fantastic, free and opensource technology.

The alpha release can be download from the fedora prerelease website, here’s the link

And here’s the fedora 20, Change set URL:

The Fedora 20 release continues the Fedora tradition of adopting and integrating leading edge technologies used in cloud computing. This release includes a number of features that will make working with virtualization and cloud computing much easier.

  • OS Installer Support for LVM Thin Provisioning: LVM has introduced thin provisioning technology, which provides greatly improved snapshot functionality in addition to thin provisioning capability. This change will make it possible to configure thin provisioning during OS installation.
  • VM Snapshot UI with virt-manager: This change will make taking VM snapshots much easier. qemu and libvirt have all the major pieces in place for performing safe VM snapshots/checkpoints, however there isn’t any simple discoverable UI. This feature will track adding that UI to virt-manager, and any other virt stack bits that need to be fixed/improved. This includes adding functionality to libvirt to support deleting and rebasing to external snapshots.
  • Role based access control with libvirt: Libvirt role based access  control will allow fine grained access control like ‘user FOO can only start/stop/pause vm BAR’, but for all libvirt APIs and objects.
  • ARM on x86 with libvirt/virt-manager: This change will fix running  ARM VMs on x86 hosts using standard libvirt tools libvirt virsh,  virt-manager and virt-install.

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