AutoMeter is an automation tool which helps us to create distributed load testing environment. It is developed and released by Intuit to open source world. It includes Jmeter in Docker image. It provides single command to start, stop test. At the end of the run, we get reports in master docker node. It can also be integrated with Jenkins easily for any of the CI requirements. What makes unique about AutoMeter is that it simplifies JMeter’s Master Slave configuration.Performance Testing in Jmeter Distributed environment can be triggered just by “One-Click”. To scale the load we can just add AutoMeter-Slave in autometer.config.js.

autometer --help  provides help manual

More details on installing an configuring AutoMeter can be found here


  • One or more linux hosts with docker (>=1.12.5) installed.
  • In one of the linux host install nodeJs (>=7) and autometer npm module. This node can be designated as master (from where tests has to be triggered).


npm install -g autometer


Comparison Between AutoMeter and BlazeMeter

FeaturesAutoMeterBlazeMeter (Available Yes/No)
Supported ToolsJmeterJmeter, Gatling
ProprietaryOpen Source ToolYes
Jenkins IntegrationYesYes
Test Ongoing  StasticsYes(Limited ,Console View)Yes( Web View )
AWS SupportYes (By Default)Yes ( Can deploy in any environment)
ReportsJTL, HTML ReportsJTL, CSV (Can view in Blazemeter web)