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Load testing with silkperformer: An overview

Silk Performer:
Silk Performer is the industry’s most powerful enterprise class load and stress testing tool. It uses Visual Script.  It is BORLAND , licensed product.

Any Load Testing Tool for Web application will be dealing with the following Steps:

1)      Recording the Script

2)      Customize user data

3)      Customizing session

4)      Report Generation

Workload models in Silk Performer:

SilkPerformer offers different workload models that can be used as the basis for load tests. The number of concurrent virtual users per user type, the duration, and the involved agents must also be configured when defining workload.

The following workload models are available:

Increasing Workload

  • Gradually workload is increased until all the users in the user list are running. This workload model is useful to find under which load level application crashes. The test is completed when the simulation time is reached.

Steady State Workload

  • Same number of virtual users is employed throughout the model; there is no delay between transactions. The test is completed when the simulation time is reached.

Dynamic Work Load

  • In this model, the number of Virtual users should be set at the beginning of the test, At any time

We can reduce or increase the number of users (within the limit defined) during the test. No simulation time is there and hence you have to end the test manually

All day Work-load

  • You can assign different numbers of virtual users to any interval of the load test. Each user type can use a different load distribution. With this model you can design complex workload scenarios such as load per day workloads and weekly workloads. During load tests you can adjust load levels for intervals that have not yet been executed. This workload model is especially useful when you wish to model complex, extended workload scenarios as realistically as possible.

Queuing Work load

In this work load model Vusers will arrive in the scheduled time. Load Test is completed when all the users arrived and completed their transactions.

Verification workload

  • This is useful for regression testing of WEB based application, to automate verification and to begin verification from command line.


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