Performance Testing

Performance Testing- a basic introduction

Performance testing ensures that there is no performance bottleneck which minimizes product stability, further increasing the customer satisfaction on long run of our product.

What are the performance bottlenecks?

1)      Functionality break on the large load of the data

2)      More resource utilization such as RAM, Hard Disk.

3)      Server pauses because of the load

4)      Crashing of the servers/system

How to measure the performance?

1)      Through Load Testing and continuous monitoring

2)      Profiling the application for finding memory leaks

How to Load Test?

Load Testing can be done by Load Testing Tools such as Silk Performer, Jmeter, and Load runner.

These tools will create virtual users by the way simulating real load on the web server.

When there is bottleneck in the application, profilers should be attached and monitored for instance Java Yourkit Profiler (YJP- licensed), Netbeans Profiler(Open Source), JAVA Visusal VM (Open source , java’s own tool) are some of the widely used profilers.

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