Performance Testing

Performance Testing on ETL

How to do performance testing on ETL?

1) First step , find out the load that is being transformed in production
2) Create new data of that same load or Move from Production data to your local performance server
3) Disable the ETL until you generate the load required
4) Take count of the needed data from the tables of the database
5) Note down the last run of ETL and Enable the ETL ,so that it will get enough stress to
transform entire load created ,run it.
6) After ETL completes the run ,again take count of the data created /transformed
a) Note down ETL Run time End and find out the total time it took to tranform the load
b) Findout whether performance time is improved or decreased
b) See that all the expected load got extracted and transfered witETL_Process_Flowhout missing.

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