WebLogic Server: Create, Extend and Remove Domains

Creating a Boot Identity File

When running in production mode, starting a server requires the credentials you provided while creating the domain. Using a boot identity file prevents you from having to type in the username/password each time the server is started.
Create a file called “” with the following contents.


Save the file under the “$MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/<domain-name>/servers/<server-name>/security” directory. The managed server will now start and stop without needing credentials.
Alternatively, modify the JAVA_OPTIONS in the “” file to point to the location of the file. For example, if the “” file is in the domain’s home directory, you could place the following lines after the DOMAIN_HOME definition. This method works fine for startup, but shutdown will still require credentials, so it is not as convenient.

JAVA_OPTIONS="${JAVA_OPTIONS} -Dweblogic.system.BootIdentityFile=${DOMAIN_HOME}/"

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