USB Type-C Connector Ready for Production

USB 3.0  Promoter group has released it’s new USB Type-C specification. The USB Type-C specification establishes a new cable and connector scheme tailored to fit mobile device product designs, yet robust enough for laptops and tablets.

The USB Type-C specification defines the physical USB Type-C cable and connector form factor along with the functional requirements for detecting and managing USB connections over an extensible wiring architecture. This new cable and connector supports USB performance at SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps (USB 3.1) and USB Power Delivery up to 100W.
Key characteristics of the USB Type-C connector include:

  • Entirely new design.
  • Tailored for emerging product designs.
  • Robust enough for laptops and tablets; slim enough for mobile phones.
  • Similar to size of USB 2.0 Micro-B.
  • Usability enhancements.
  • Reversible plug orientation and cable direction.
  • Supports scalable power charging.
  • Future scalability.
  • Designed to support future USB performance needs.
  • Mechanical specs:
    • Receptacle opening: ~8.4mm x ~2.6mm.
    • Durability: 10,000 cycles.
    • Improved EMI- and RFI-mitigation features.
    • Power delivery capacity: 3A for standard cables and 5A for connectors

About the USB 3.0 Promoter Group
The USB 3.0 Promoter Group, comprised of Hewlett-Packard Company, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Renesas Electronics, STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments, developed the USB 3.1 Specification that was released in July 2013. In addition to maintaining and enhancing this specification, the USB 3.0 Promoter Group develops specification addendums to extend or adapt its specifications to support more platform types or use cases where adopting USB 3.1 technology will be beneficial in delivering a more ubiquitous, richer user experience

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Apple confirmed acquisition of Beats Music & Beats Electronics

Apple has officially confirmed acquisition of Beats Music & Beats Electronics in it’s press Info.

Apple announced it has agreed to acquire the critically acclaimed subscription streaming music service Beats Music, and Beat Electronics, which make the popular Beats headphone, speakers and audio software. Apple is acquiring the two companies for a total of $3 billion, consisting of a purchase price of approximately $2.6 billion and approximately $400 million that will vest over time.



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Microsoft working on a new version of IE

Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on a new version of Internet Explorer. Among the features in development are the Media Capture API, that lets Web content manipulate audio and video streams from microphones and webcams, the HTTP/2 protocol, currently being developed by IETF, and Web Audio, an API that lets JavaScript process and synthesize audio. The company also plans to implement a JavaScript feature called Promises that should streamline development of asynchronous scripts.

These features and others are listed on the newly updated site, on which Microsoft lists a whole bunch of up-and-coming Web standards and its attitude towards them.


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Quest Visual is joining Google!

Quest Visual, the maker of the incredible Word Lens app, posted on its website that it has been acquired by Google.


Quotes from wordlens website

With Word Lens, we’ve seen the beginnings of what’s possible when we harness the power of mobile devices to “see the world in your language.”

By joining Google, we can incorporate Quest Visual’s technology into Google Translate’s broad language coverage and translation capabilities in the future.

As a thank you to everybody who supported us on our journey, we’ve made both the app and the language packs free to download for a limited time while we transition to Google.

We’re looking forward to continuing our work at Google – stay tuned!

Android Word Lens Translator

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What’s a cron and crontab?

Cron is a a time-based job scheduler in Unix/Linux environments. Cron can be used to schedule jobs to run periodically at fixed times, dates or intervals.  Crontab is a configuration file that specifies  shell  commands to run periodically on a given schedule.

Users can have their own individual crontab files and often there is a system wide crontab file (usually in /etc or a subdirectory of /etc) that only system administrators can edit.

Crontab format

MIN  HOUR DOM MON DOW <command to execute>

  1. MIN =Minute(0-59)
  2. HOUR =HOUR(0-23)
  3. DOM =Day Of Month(1-31)
  4. MON =Month(1-12)
  5. DOW =Day Of Week(0-6)


How to view crontab entries?

To view current user’s crontab, use “crontab -l

eg :




To view other user’s crontab, login as root and give “crontab -u sam -l




How do I edit crontab entries?

We can issue “crontab -e”  for adding or editing crontab entries.


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Ubuntu and Android dual boot developer preview

Ubuntu has announced a preview for developers: Ubuntu on mobile devices can run along side with android, yes your mobile can be dual booted. Ubuntu has informed that Dual boot is not a feature suitable for regular users. It is recommended to be installed only by developers who are comfortable with flashing devices and with their partition layout. Dual boot rewrites the Android recovery partition and those installing it should be intimately familiar with re-flashing it in case something goes wrong.

Multiple Android flavours are supported (AOSP or stock, CyanogenMod) and installation of Ubuntu can be done for all versions available in the phablet-flash channels.

Easy OS switch via apps

With dual boot, switching between OSs had never been easier. No more key combinations or command line interfaces to jump into the next OS: on each side, an app with a simple user interface will enable you to boot back and forth at the tap of a button.



The Android app manages the initial installation of Ubuntu, upgrades and rebooting into Ubuntu.



On Ubuntu, the dual boot app provides an easy way to reboot into Android.

Installing dual boot

Installing and running dual boot can be done in a few easy steps. In a nutshell, it requires performing a one-off installation of the dual boot app in Android, which will enable you to both install the version of Ubuntu of your choice, and to reboot into Ubuntu.

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Honda Made the World’s First Smartphone Case With an Emergency Airbag

It looks like Honda has create a Smartphone Case with an emergency Airbag, Watch this cool video.

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CyanogenMod Installer Application Removed from Play Store

CyanogenMod Installer Application has been removed from the Google Play Store, after a Google advisory stating that the app is violation of Google developer terms and conditions.

Read the full blog post from cyanogenMod here

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Saving Gmail attachment Directly to your Google Drive

Google has rolled out a gmail update recently which allows you to save your gmail attachment directly to Google Drive. See the screenshots below.

There is a new Google drive icon popup in the attachment and once we click on that we get a list of Google Drives folders, select the folder and save, and done.


gmail-drive gmail-drive2

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CyanogenMod Installer the New installer app from CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod has released a new installer app (CyanogenMod Installer) in google Play. As per ars technica reports, this app can unlock the user’s boot loader, root their device, and flash CyanogenMod to their phone with minimal extra effort. The free app is available over Google Play, and when it’s paired with equally free desktop software, this can replace a phone’s operating system with Cyanogen Inc.’s highly customizable version of Android.



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